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VOXL Time of Flight (TOF) Depth Sensor

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Achieve High-Fidelity Depth Mapping Indoors

Note, due to sourcing issues out of our control, this module is EOL and in limited supply. We are working on a replacement module that will have better performance. We expect the VOXL 2 Time of Flight Module to be available by the end of July 2024.

The PMD Time of Flight (ToF) sensor produces high-fidelity depth mapping indoors up to 6m. When used with the VOXL platform, this sensor is mutually exclusive to the stereo cameras, meaning the stereo cameras need to be replaced with the TOF Add-on.

PMD Time-of-Flight (ToF) module for VOXL development platform.

Use in place of stereo image sensors for indoor-optimized depth maps in low-feature environments.

ToF Real-Time Depth Sensing and Mapping

Time of Flight Depth Sensing Tuned Performance

Ready to Use Development Depth Sensor

Specs at a glance:

Rate 5 - 45FPS in configurable option modes for distance / accuracy / framerate
Exposure Time 4.8 ms typ. @ 45 fps / 30 ms typ. @ 5 fps
Resolution 224 x 171 (38k) px
FOV (H x V) 117° x 117° (near field 100° x 80°)
Range 4 - 6m
Depth Resolution <= 1% of distance (0.5 – 4m @ 5fps) <= 2% of distance (0.1 – 1m @ 45fps)

Demo Videos

VOXL with PMD's Time of Flight Enables Small, Fully-Autonomous UAVs with ROS and PX4

Autonomous Mapping fuses Visual Inertial Odometry with Time Of Flight Depth Sensing on a Drone

Technical Details


Sample Code to access TOF Data on VOXL: here

 Note: A lens cover is required for integration into a final product. This kit is for development integration with VOXL only.

ModalAI Part Numbers

 MPN Description

VOXL Time of Flight (TOF) Depth Sensor kit which contains:

  • A65 TOF Module using irs10x0c sensor
  • OEM-M0040 - VOXL TOF Flex PCB Adapter