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Flight Core® - PX4 Drone Flight Controller (Complete PX4 Kit)


Flight Core® - PX4 Drone Flight Controller (Complete PX4 Kit)


Flight Core ® - PX4 Drone Flight Controller Built in USA

Note: the M0018-2 revision does not have the A71CH or BMI088, which were both fundamentally unused in the M0018-1.

The ModalAI® Flight Core runs the latest PX4 flight controller firmware, and is made in the USA. The Flight Core can be paired with VOXL® for obstacle avoidance and indoor or outdoor GPS-denied navigation. Flight Core can also be used independently as a standalone flight controller. NOTE: Flight Core placed today will ship on March 31st 2021

Performance and Security for Enterprise and Defense

Flight Core is based high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 216 MHz frequency. Flight Core includes an NXP® Secure Element A71CH for enhanced security.

Advanced Autonomy

When paired with VOXL,Flight Core can fly indoors and outdoors fully autonomous.  The Flight Core is 100% software compatible with VOXL Flight®.

Development Kit Ready to Integrate


  • Flight Core PX4 Board 
  • 5V Power Module with battery voltage and current monitoring (PMv3, no barrel jack)
  • USB cable (JST-style)
  • RC input cable
  • PWM output cable and Break Out Board
  • Serial cable for VOXL Companion computer connection

ICM-42688 Eval Board

Flight Core features the TDK/Invensense ICM-42688 which offers the lowest noise-floor in the industry for enhanced flight performance. If you are looking to evaluate the ICM-42688, Flight Core can be used as an ICM-42688 eval board. Watch Product Brief

Technical Details


PX4 Flight Controller Firmware

Feature Details
MCU 216MHz, 32-bit ARM M7 STM32F765II
Memory 256Kb FRAM
  2Mbit Flash
  512Kbit SRAM
Firmware PX4
IMUs ICM-20602 (SPI1)
  ICM-42688 (SPI2)
Barometer BMP388 (I2C4)

microSD Card Information on supported cards
Inputs GPS/Mag
  CAN bus
Outputs 6 LEDs (2xRGB)
  8 PWM Channels
Extra Interfaces 3 serial ports