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PX4 Autonomy and Obstacle Avoidance - VOXL


PX4 Autonomy and Obstacle Avoidance - VOXL


Add Autonomy to PX4 and Pixhawk®

VOXL is an open drone and robotics companion computer that pairs with a Flight Core or Pixhawk® flight controller as an obstacle avoidance sensor.

This MV kit includes VOXL-DK kit plus 3 global shutter, computer vision cameras.

Latest Autonomy Features

The VOXL advances the Snapdragon Flight and Qualcomm Flight Pro architectures for:

  • PX4 Avoidance and Navigation
  • ROS Autonomous Navigation
  • Snapdragon Navigator flight controller

Software Features:

  • Open source Linux kernel, cross-compilers, PX4, ROS, OpenCV
  • Docker build environment for CPU, GPU (OpenCL) and DSP (Hexagon SDK) heterogeneous computer vision and deep learning processing.
  • Run Docker on VOXL target for improved portability and maintenance.
  • Add cellular LTE connectivity for beyond visual line of sight (add-on).


  • Snapdragon 821: Quad-core up to 2.15GHz, GPU, 2xDSP, Linux
  • Video support: 3x MIPI cameras, UVC 
  • Machine vision support: time synchronized IMU and cameras
  • Additional I/O: WiFi, SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO
  • Light weight, powerful, SWAP-optimized computing:
    • PCB weight 18g
    • Power Module weight 13g
    • Cameras (6g)
    • Power consumption 3-10W 


In this kit:

  • MKIT-00001 - VOXL Core Board Kit
  • MKIT-00002 - VOXL Power Adapter Kit
  • MKIT-00003 - VOXL Wi-Fi Antenna Kit
  • MKIT-00009 - VOXL Stereo Camera Kit
  • MKIT-00010 - VOXL Tracking Camera Kit

Note: The "new" kit contains M0006 Blue VOXL boards which include a new IMU (ICM20948) as the IMU. The "legacy" kit contains HA942 Green VOXL boards, which includes an EOL MPU9250. The "legacy" kit is identical to Qualcomm Flight Pro.

Pixhawk is a trademark of Lorenz Meier