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ModalAI, Inc. spun out of Qualcomm’s Corporate R&D Division in June 2018. The team founded Qualcomm’s robotics R&D efforts which led to the creation of two product lines for Qualcomm’s Chipset Division: Drones and Robotics. ModalAI left Qualcomm with a market-ready product, now called VOXL, built upon more than 5 years of R&D. VOXL leverages the smartphone ecosystem to create a highly integrated, machine vision-based, autonomous navigation system that provides autonomy for indoor and outdoor, aerial and ground robots. The VOXL was born as a successor to the team’s previous work, Snapdragon Flight. The integration provided by VOXL and Snapdragon Flight enables fully autonomous UAVs well under 300g in total weight.

ModalAI’s mission is to accelerate safe autonomy with compact, light-weight, and powerful robot and drone perception and communication system

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May 2019

AP News
Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Awards ModalAI Contract to Develop Next-Generation UAS (Drone) Technology  

January 2019

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AEE Collaborates with ModalAI to Bring Unprecedented Safety to Drones  
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AEE Teams with Qualcomm Spin-off ModalAI for Mach 2 Drone  
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Drone Company AEE Announces AI-fueled Product Launch at CES 2019