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ModalAI develops sUAS, drone and robotics autonomous computer vision, flight control and communications systems, and builds them in the USA.

ModalAI's VOXL platform advances Qualcomm Flight, combining ROS and PX4 for Obstacle Avoidance and GPS-Denied indoor navigation, in ready to use packages to upgrade your drone.

ModalAI consists of an experienced team of robotics engineers with a passion for making state of the art technology accessible. 

Check out our products and let us know what you think!


Chad Sweet CEO, Co-founder
Donald Hutson CTO, Co-founder
Eric Katzfey Chief Software Architect
Ray Stits VP Hardware Engineering
Rich Martin Robotics Engineer
James Strawson Robotics Engineer
Travis Bottalico Staff Software Engineer
Hitendra Gangani Senior Director Software
Michele Walter Operations Manager
Vinny Kemler Director Hardware Engineering