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VOXL Cellular LTE and USB hub add-on


VOXL Cellular LTE and USB hub add-on


Connect your drone or robot to the internet from anywhere!

The LTE Add-on plugs in to the VOXL's board to board connector. When the VOXL+LTE Add-on are paired with a Pixhawk® flight controller or Flight Core®, command, control and video is enabled for beyond visual line of sight operation (BVLOS). Watch our Demo Video 


WNC VOXL LTE Modem V1 US Carriers Only
Sierra Wireless WP Modem V2 US and EMEA Carriers

This modem model supports North American CAT4 LTE Bands 2,4,5,12 as well as adds a USB hub to integrate more peripherals.


The V2 of our LTE add-on can use any of the Sierra Wireless WP modem series
This add-on is compliant with NDAA 2020 Section 848. You can now connect to your device with any carrier anywhere in the world (with the appropriate WP module and SIM card). The add-on is currently shipping with either the WP7610 or WP7607. Please reach out at modalai.com/contact if you are interested in a different configuration.

North American Carriers (WP7610)

EMEA Carriers (WP7607)



Demo Video

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Technical Documentation

  1. How to Fly using LTE with VOXL and PX4
  2. VOXL LTE Modem Quickstart
  3. LTE Modem and USB Add-On Board Manual

V1 Datasheet

V2 Datasheet