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VOXL Fisheye OV7251 Sensor - M0072

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Selected sku: MSU-M0072-1-00

Computer Vision Sensor Module for Tracking or Fisheye Stereo

Replace the stereo image sensors used on VOXL to enable fisheye stereo.

Technical Details

Leveraging the industry's smallest global shutter pixel, the black and white OV7251 is capable of capturing VGA (640x480) resolution video at 120 frames per second (fps), QVGA (320x240) at 180 fps with binning, and QQVGA (160x120) at 360 fps with binning and skipping. The OV7251's high frame rates make it an ideal solution for low-latency machine vision applications.

  • Molex connector, same pin-out as MD102A
  • FOV 166 x 133 x 100 degrees
  • Resolution 640 x 480

Compatible with:

Also available as a kit with a flex cable and two image sensors MKIT-00009-2

Specification Value
Sensor OV7251 Datasheet
Shutter Global
Resolution 640x480
Framerate 30,60,90Hz implemented on VOXL, sensor supports up to 120Hz
Data formats B&W 8 and 10-bit
Lens Size 1/3.06”
Focusing Range 5cm~infinity
Focal Length 0.83mm
F Number 2.0
Fov(DxHxV) 166° x 133° x 100°
TV Distortion -20.77%


ModalAI Part Numbers

 MPN Description
MSU-M0072-1-00 Tracking Camera, OV7251
Tracking Camera, OV7251 w/ 60mm Flex Cable
MSU-M0072-1-02 Tracking Camera, OV7251 w/ Stereo Flex Cable (8" Disparity)