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The work we do at ModalAI is highly demonstrable. Because of that, we post new videos of what we are working on frequently.

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Description Link
ModalAI VOXL Subterranean Navigation at JIFX 20-2 using GPS-denied Navigation to map a tunnel
VOXL with PMD’s Time of Flight Enables Small, Fully-Autonomous UAVs
Visual Inertial Odometry fused with PX4 for indoor navigation
Indoor obstacle avoidance and SLAM-based, computer vision navigation
Outdoor Beyond Visual Line-of-sight (BVLOS) UAS mission control and video communications over 4G cellular network
Indoor Autonomous Mapping fuses Visual Inertial Odometry with Time Of Flight Depth Sensing on a Drone
Indoor GPS denied, autonomous indoor navigation at CES 2019. AEE Mach2 designed by ModalAI