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The VOXL VIO Development Drones Enable GPS-Denied Navigation

In instances where a drones can’t use GPS to navigate, VIO can help drones understand where they are relative to their environment. VIO uses visual and inertial data to determine odometry, or how far the drone has travelled. VIO acts as the building blocks for many drone functions including obstacle avoidance, position control, and disturbance rejection. At ModalAI, all of our products run on VOXL® Vision PX4 and are pre-configured with VIO, making it easy for you to start your next project. 

VIO Enabled Development Drones


VOXL® Software Architecture to Build a VIO Drone with PX4 VIO Drone Demonstration using VOXL® m500 

Support Resources

Open Source Documentation. Need Support? We got you. Take a look at our documentation for tutorials on how to get started with VIO.


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