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ModalAI has been a Silver member of the Dronecode Foundation since 2019. We advance the U.S. drone industry by developing autonomous, SWAP-optimized, Blue UAS Framework autopilots like the VOXL Flight; the first open-development platform for autonomous drone navigation that fuses a companion computer with a PX4 flight controller on one printed circuit board (PCB).

ModalAI provides Blue UAS Framework autopilot technology for drones and ground robots manufactured in the U.S. We evolve our open drone perception and communications systems to contribute to, and maintain compatibility with, Dronecode hosted projects like PX4, QGroundControl and MAVROS.

Dronecode Announces Chad Sweet to the 2021 Board of Directors Cycle

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ModalAI Press Release

ModalAI x Dronecode Open Source Drones Summit 2020

Accelerate autonomous systems to market with PX4 and open standards October 30, 2020 8:20am-9:00am PDT

At ModalAI® we accelerate our autonomous systems to market with Dronecode hosted projects like PX4, QGroundControl and MAVROS. Travis Bottalico outlines how ModalAI leverages Dronecode's ecosystem to activate autonomy seamlessly in our VOXL® product line.  

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ModalAI Dronecode Compatible Products 

See how ModalAI leverages Dronecode hosted projects to activate autonomously seamlessly in our VOXL product lineFlight Core. PX4 Flight Controller Made in USA From $149 BUYVOXL Flight PX4 flight controller and companion computer in one PCB. From $549 BuyVOXL m500 Developer Drone with PX4 and open source capabilities right out of the box. From $1999. Buy