Meet our smallest and longest-flying development drone to date.

The Starling is here.

275 grams. VOXL 2. 30+ minutes flight time.

Meet the Mini

VOXL 2 computing. 30% smaller. 30.5mm x 30.5mm industry-standard mount.


16g. 15+ TOPS. 4G/5G enabled.

The new


Powerful autonomy. Ready to fly.

Generation 1.0 and 2.0

Blue UAS Framework Autopilots

NDAA '20 Section 848 Compliant

Blue UAS Framework Development Drones

NDAA '20 Section 848 compliant micro and standard size open development drones assembled in America

AI Autopilots and Companion Computers

Development Drones Including the Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform

Accessories to Accelerate Time to Market

VOXL CAM Perception Engine

57.5 grams of smarter compute and AI

Success Stories

“Integrating drones into the national airspace, especially in high-density urban areas, is challenging. Tall buildings and flight distance mean operating beyond the range of typical remote control, so the integration of ModalAI has been crucial to our efforts.”

“Qualcomm Technologies provides the cutting-edge technologies that enable connected machines like drones and robots to be smarter and more autonomous. With our silicon and ModalAI’s VOXL solution, we are proud to help usher in the era of drone deliveries.”

"We’ve partnered with ModalAI in the past for our various projects and continue to work with them because their U.S.-made autopilots like the VOXL deliver high-performance, reliability and operate on a developer friendly, open platform. VOXL is the only credit-card sized, cellphone grade, highly integrated PCB that is available in the market for full autonomy"

“The number of failures is non-existent, to be honest, the support is unparalleled.”

"Qualcomm spun out ModalAI in 2018 to focus on drones and autonomy. ModalAI is an official Blue UAS supplier and makes developmental platforms, perfect for companies like us that want to experiment with autonomy and ML algorithms on a US-made system."

"We're enjoying working with your VOXL hardware. I've adopted the m500 as the basis of an aerial robotics course I'm teaching here at UT Austin.  I don't know of any development MAV as good as the m500.  Thank you for your hard work to build it and make it available."

Powered by VOXL

Blue UAS Framework PX4 companion computer that enables smaller, smarter, and safer drones and robots

ModalAI, Inc. Dev Kit (Beta) VOXL 2
  • Autonomy

    Light-weight and powerful companion computer driven by a Qualcomm QRB5165, up to 15+ TOPS, 5 neural networks, and 5G capable

  • PX4 Flight Controller

    PX4 flight controller on board to achieve obstacle avoidance and GPS-denied navigation for drone applications

  • NDAA Compliant

    Blue UAS Framework 2.0 autopilot compliant with NDAA Section 848 '20

  • Open Development

    ModalAI VOXL SDK is open and pairs with open applications like PX4, Docker, OpenCV, and ROS