Accelerate time to
market with VOXL
Blue UAS Framework Autopilots

Give your drone the power of 15 TOPS of AI, 8-core CPU and 5G connectivity with VOXL.

Ready to fly development drones

Reference designs with everything you need to get started.

Autonomous open SDK for computer vision assisted flight

SLAM GPS-denied mapping, object detection, obstacle avoidance, and more.

VOXL 2 powers next-generation robotics

Blue UAS Framework companion computer with built-in PX4 flight controller that enables smaller, smarter, and safer drones and robots

ModalAI, Inc. Dev Kit (Beta) VOXL 2
  • Autonomy Compute

    Light-weight and powerful companion computer driven by a Qualcomm QRB5165, up to 15+ TOPS, 5 neural networks, and 5G capable

  • PX4 Flight Controller

    PX4 flight controller on board to achieve obstacle avoidance and GPS-denied navigation for drone applications

  • NDAA Compliant

    Blue UAS Framework 2.0 autopilot compliant with NDAA Section 848 '20

  • Open Development

    ModalAI VOXL SDK is open and pairs with open applications like PX4, Docker, OpenCV, and ROS

Smaller, smarter, safer autonomous autopilots

VOXL Developer Kits enable the development of smaller autonomous robitic applications.

Ready-to-fly reference drones

VOXL reference drones cut your development time in half. Validate and test your software on our pre-configured autonomous AI drones

Case Studies

Cleo Robotics

How Cleo leverages VOXL to power their famous Dronut


XTEND's fleet of defense drones harness VOXL 2 for human-machine teaming

UPenn Engineering

Vijay Kumar's lab uses VOXL to power a swarm of 24 drones

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