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Drone Development Kits

Accelerate Your Autonomous Drone Development

ModalAI accelerates autonomy development by offering development kits for sUAS, drones and robots leveraging autonomous computer vision, flight control and communications systems. These flight controllers, drones, and companion computers are built in the USA. 

Best-in-Class Development Tools

ModalAI's VOXL platform advances Qualcomm Flight, combining ROS, TensorFlow and PX4 with Obstacle Avoidance and GPS-Denied indoor navigation, in a ready to use package to add autonomy to your drone.

Ready to Fly Development Drones

The VOXL m500 is a ready to fly development drone. It is assembled in the USA. Each drone is manually calibrated and flight tested for VIO-based GPS-denied navigation and Obstacle Avoidance before shipping. You can fly this indoors under the power of computer vision, or outdoors with GPS. The stereo cameras in front enable obstacle avoidance. 

4G/5G Drone for Beyond Visual Line of Sight

VOXL supports multiple add-ons for expanded functionality. A popular choice is our 4G/LTE add-on which enables cloud connectivity and BVLOS over cellular.

Long Range Peer to Peer Communications

The VOXL platform also supports Microhard pDDL communications which is popular in enterprise and defense applications.