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PX4 Autonomy Developer Kit

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Selected sku: MRB-D0011-4-C20-M22-T7-K0
Expected to ship within 10 business days from San Diego, CA

The ModalAI PX4 Autonomy Developer Kit is an all-in-one autonomy development drone with long-term support for PX4. PX4 developers looking to jump-start their autonomous UAV solution can reduce their time to market with ModalAI PX4 Autonomy Developer Kit’s pre-configured autonomy platform, sensors and payloads, and computer vision and artificial intelligence capabilities. Uniform baseline development platform that anyone in the PX4 community can reference and build upon.

Ready to Use Development Tools

Product Specifications

  • Advanced autonomy
    • Visual Inertial Odometry to navigate in GPS denied environments
    • Visual Obstacle Avoidance to fly safely in tight spaces 
    • 3D Mapping and Path Planning to fly hands-off in dynamic environments
    • TFLite Neural Networks run object classification, detection, and other models
  • SWAP-optimized 
    • 265g weight 
    • 220mm airframe
    • 126mm folding propellers
    • 30+ minutes flight time
  • VOXL 2 onboard
    • Powered by Qualcomm QRB5165: 8 cores up to 3.091GHz, 8GB LPDDR5 
    • 4K hires and CV tracking image sensors onboard 
    • Open-source software: PX4 integrated flight controller, OpenCV, ROS 2, Docker
    • Integrated flight controller on DSP 
    • VOXL ESC Mini
    • VOXL SDK

Technical Details

Product Brief, Block Diagram, Starling Comparison Table

User Guide PX4 Autonomy Developer Kit User guide is WIP. Please refer to the Starling user guide to get started. 


What's Included

    MPN Description Price
    MRB-D0011-4-C20-M22-K0 Drone Only $2,749.99
    MRB-D0011-4-C20-M22-K1 Drone with Battery
    MRB-D0011-4-C20-M22-K2 Drone with Battery and Controller $3,099.99
    MRB-D0011-4-C20-M22-K3 Drone with Battery, Controller and Case $3,699.99

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    Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code 8542.31
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    Technical specifications

    • Autonomy

      • Powered by VOXL 2 companion computer 
      • Integrated Qualcomm QRB5165 premium tier chipset onboard: 8 cores up to 3.091 GHz, 8GB LPDDR5 
      • VOXL ESC Mini
      • Open-source software: OpenCV, ROS2, Docker, PX4
      • Integrated WiFi and ELRS
    • Perception

      • CV Tracking image sensor for visual inertial odometry (VIO) localization 
      • 4K Hi-Res for real time streaming, RGB image capture and video recording
    • SWAP-optimized Design

      • 265g take-off weight
      • 220mm diagonal SWaP-optimized carbon fiber airframe 
      • 126mm folding propellers
      • 30+ minutes of flight time

    Compare VOXL

    Find the right autopilot for you.
    PX4 Autonomy Developer Kit

    Price: from $2749.99

    Size: 220mm diagonal

    Takeoff Weight: 265g

    Flight Time: >30 minutes

    Compute: QRB5165

    Flight Controller: PX4

    ESC: VOXL ESC Mini

    Image Sensors: On-Semi AR0144 Tracking, Sony IMX412 Hi Res

    Connectivity: WiFi, ELRS


    Price: from $2949.99

    Size: 210mm diagonal

    Takeoff Weight: 275g

    Flight Time: >30 minutes

    Compute: QRB5165

    Flight Controller: PX4

    ESC: VOXL 4-in-1 ESC

    Image Sensors: PMD TOF, Omnivision OV7251 tracking, Sony IMX214 Hi Res

    Connectivity: WiFi, ELRS