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At ModalAI®, safety is our number one priority when it comes to handling drones. Take a look at our resources below for best practices when handling your drone. 

Outdoor drone safety tips. Follow local drone rules and regulations, create a safe flying environment choose an open flying zone and never fly above or around people or moving ground or air vehicles., configure outdoor failsafes properly set home location and safety perimeter, follow your pre-flight checklist, ensure your drone is damage free and ready to fly
Indoor Drone Safety Tips. Always wear safety glasses, create a safe flying environment fly in an area that protects operators from indoor fly-aways and is clear of obstacles and people. Configure indoor failsafes, make sure the drone does not use GPS to "return home". follow your pre-flight checklist, ensure your drone is damage free and ready to fly.
Blogs Tips and best practices brought to you by the flight testers at ModalAI

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Five Essential Components of High Flying Drones. Essential components of high-flying drones to be familiar with in order to have a successful flight every time.

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