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At ModalAI we build sophisticated technology that powers the future of robots and drones. We’re looking for self-motivated engineers who can turn their ideas into reality. If you like creating, send us your resume. Even better, send us a link to your latest creation. We’re interested in all sorts of skills, but our urgent needs are for embedded software and computer vision. Send your resume to jobs@modalai.com

Here is a list of skills that would make you a great fit for ModalAI:

  • Computer Vision
    • Visual Inertial Odometry
    • SIMD Programming: OpenCL, OpenGL, Neon, SSE
    • OpenCV
  • Embedded Software
    • Linux, Yocto
    • Device Drivers
    • Real-time Operating Systems
  • Robotics (and drones)
    • ROS
    • PX4
    • ArduPilot
  • Cellular Communications
    • Femto-cell
    • 4G/5G Modem Integration
    • Cellular network field test