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What the Blue UAS Framework Program?

You have likely heard of the Blue sUAS program designed to deliver small, highly capable, trusted, maneuverable VTOL sUAS to the U.S. government, but did you know there is a similar effort to bring those capabilities at the component level?

The Blue UAS Framework program aims to partner with suppliers in the industry to deliver sUAS components that will help the Department of Defense (DoD) achieve:

  • Greater levels of fielded autonomy to DoD sUAS programs
  • A competitive, healthy, sustainable, trusted sUAS components industry
  • Increased commonality of enabling sUAS components to reduce development time and costs
  • Stay 1-2 years ahead of DoD need by testing forward-looking technologies on trusted platforms with relevant programs and end users in the loop

Blue UAS Framework Components


How does ModalAI® contribute to the Blue UAS Framework?

We are proud to work alongside the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to develop assembled in the USA, autonomous flight controllers like the VOXL


 Flight and Flight Core


for their various projects. In 2020, we received a $3 million award from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to advance Blue sUAS autopilots assembled in the USA.

ModalAI Ecosystem

ModalAI develops high performing, low SWAP-C components such as our Flight Core flight controller, VOXL companion computer, and open VOXL software stack. Our VOXL Flight, a combination of the Flight Core and VOXL in one PCB, was developed in collaboration with the DIU. 

First Generation Blue UAS Framework Autopilots

ModalAI Blue UAS Framework Components​

VOXL m500 - Development Drone for PX4 GPS-Denied Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

VOXLⓇ - PX4 Autonomy and Obstacle Avoidance


VOXL FlightⓇ - PX4 Autonomy Computer and Flight Controller in one

VOXL Flight Deck - Mount and Fly Autonomously,  Assembled Obstacle Avoidance Kit


VOXL Cellular LTE and USB hub add-on

Microhard pDDL Carrier USB Dongle


Flight CoreⓇ - PX4 Drone Flight Controller

VOXL ESC v2 4-in-1 Digital I/O UART Communications


Other Blue UAS Framework components

Data Links

Doodle Labs Smart Radio

Onboard Sensors

FLIR Hadron

NextVision DragonEye

Ground Control Station

AirMap AirBoss

Ready to be NDAA '20 Section 848 Compliant? 

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