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Flight Core - PX4 Drone Flight Controller (Complete PX4 Kit)


Flight Core - PX4 Drone Flight Controller (Complete PX4 Kit)


PX4 Drone Flight Controller Built in USA

The ModalAI Flight Core runs the latest PX4 flight controller firmware, and is made in the USA. The Flight Core can be paired with VOXL for obstacle avoidance and indoor or outdoor GPS-denied navigation. Flight Core can also be used independently as a standalone flight controller.

Performance and Security for Enterprise and Defense

Flight Core is based high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 216 MHz frequency. Flight Core includes an NXP® Secure Element A71CH for enhanced security.

Advanced Autonomy

When paired with VOXL, Flight Core can fly indoors and outdoors fully autonomous.  The Flight Core is 100% software compatible with VOXL-Flight.

Development Kit Ready to Integrate


  • Flight Core PX4 Board 
  • 5V Power Module with battery voltage and current monitoring (PMv3, no barrel jack)
  • USB cable (JST-style)
  • RC input cable
  • PWM output cable and Break Out Board
  • Serial cable for VOXL Companion computer connection

ICM-42688 Eval Board

Flight Core features the TDK/Invensense ICM-42688 which offers the lowest noise-floor in the industry for enhanced flight performance. If you are looking to evaluate the ICM-42688, Flight Core can be used as an ICM-42688 eval board. Watch Product Brief


Link to full Datasheet

PX4 Flight Controller Firmware

Feature Details
MCU 216MHz, 32-bit ARM M7 STM32F765II
Memory 256Kb FRAM
  2Mbit Flash
  512Kbit SRAM
Firmware PX4
IMUs ICM-20602 (SPI1)
  ICM-42688 (SPI2)
  BMI088 (SPI6)
Barometer BMP388 (I2C4)
Secure Element A71CH (I2C4)
microSD Card Information on supported cards
Inputs GPS/Mag
  CAN bus
Outputs 6 LEDs (2xRGB)
  8 PWM Channels
Extra Interfaces 3 serial ports