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VOXL® Deck (VOXL only, no Flight Core) PX4 Companion Computer with Obstacle Avoidance

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Want the ease of install and camera mounting of the VOXL® Flight Deck, but have your own Pixhawk? The VOXL® Deck is what you're looking for.

The VOXL® Deck comes with  image sensors pre-mounted, calibrated and configured for GPS-denied navigation, obstacle avoidance and 4k video.

Mount and Fly Drone Development for Obstacle Avoidance

The VOXL Deck is a partially assembled drone development platform hosting a ModalAI® VOXL® drone and robotics companion computer that can be paired with the ModalAI Flight Core® PX4 flight controller or Pixhawk flight controller. It comes pre-configured with Tracking, Stereo and Hi-Res optical sensors, providing the easiest way to add US built* GPS-Denied Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance to a vehicle (the only thing easier is our m500 Development Drone).

*Flight Controller and Drone not included*

Dimensions: 96 x 150 x 38 mm

Ships within 5 business days

Computer Vision and Your Flight Controller In One PCB

Technical Details

What's Included:

Optical Sensors

  • 45° downward/forward facing Tracking VGA Global Shutter Sensor for indoor flight and GPS-denied navigation
  • Forward facing Stereo VGA Global Shutter Sensor pair for Obstacle Avoidance
  • Forward facing 4k High-resolution Sensor for 1080p30 or 4k30 video recording


  • Wi-Fi (can be configured as station or AP)
  • QTY2 USB 2.0 (for VOXL and Flight Core)
  • Shown in the images is an optional Cellular LTE modem and USB hub add-on with antennas (note: not included in base model)

Power Module


  • PWM Breakout board and cable ready to connect to ESCs (PWM and DSHOT support)
  • RC Input Cable (Spektrum)
  • USB-to-JST connector for wired connection to QGroundControl Ground Control Station

What's Not Included

  • Drone
  • Flight Controller (Compatible with ModalAI Flight Core or Pixhawk Flight Controller)

Model Numbers


 Uses the VOXL board only, no Flight Core