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VOXL Cellular LTE and USB hub add-on


VOXL Cellular LTE and USB hub add-on


Connect your drone or robot to the internet from anywhere!

The LTE Add-on plugs in to the VOXL's board to board connector. When paired with a Pixhawk® flight controller or Flight Core, command, control and video is enabled for beyond visual line of sight operation (BVLOS). Watch our Demo Video 


V1 LTE Add-On

This modem model supports North American CAT4 LTE Bands 2,4,5,12 as well as adds a USB hub to integrate more peripherals. 


V2 LTE Add-On

The V2 of our LTE add-on can use any of the Sierra Wireless WP modem series. This add-on is compliant with NDAA 2020 Section 848. You can now connect to your device with any carrier anywhere in the world (with the appropriate WP module and SIM card). The add-on is currently shipping with either the WP7610 or WP7607. Please reach out at modalai.com/contact if you are interested in a different configuration.

US Carriers (WP7610)

EMEA Carriers (WP7607)



Demo Video

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Technical Documentation

  1. How to Fly using LTE with VOXL and PX4
  2. VOXL LTE Modem Quickstart
  3. LTE Modem and USB Add-On Board Manual

V1 Datasheet

V2 Datasheet