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VOXL m500 - Development Drone for PX4 GPS-Denied Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

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Expected to ship within 10 business days from San Diego, CA

Development Drone Assembled in USA Powered by VOXL

Landing Skids have now replaced the tube landing legs.

Smart Autonomy

Develop PX4 autonomous flight quickly with this open and fully programmable bind and fly development drone. This is the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Development Drone you have been looking for! Our VOXL m500 drone is built from the popular s500 hobby kit and includes a Snapdragon-based VOXL Flight Deck configured and tested for GPS-based autonomous flight and indoor GPS-denied navigation. Obstacle avoidance stereo cameras come mounted and calibrated. This is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon reference drone, ready for advanced autonomy development. Our goal with the m500 is to get developers up and running on VOXL® quickly, so they can build their next great sUAS applications!

Current lead time is approximately 15-20 business days to ship.

State-of-the-Art Computer Vision Development Features

Autonomous Navigation in GPS-denied Environments

Qualcomm Snapdragon-based VOXL Flight companion computer and PX4 flight controller in a single PCB for computer vision, navigation, obstacle avoidance. VOXL is an evolution of the Qualcomm Flight Pro architecture.

Mounted and calibrated stereo sensors for depth mapping and obstacle avoidance

Mounted and calibrated tracking sensor for VIO and GPS-denied navigation

4k high-resolution FPV sensor

Spekrum RC satellite receiver for remote control (transmitter not included)

Flying Deep Learning/AI 

The VOXL supports TensorFlow Lite for real-time AI on a drone

Technical Details 

Developers can find comprehensive details on building a developer drone at docs.modalai.com


What is Included?

A fully flight tested m500 drone as shown in pictures, except for battery and RC transmitter. Including:

  • s500 frame customized with VOXL Flight Deck
  • Motors, propellers, ESCs
  • GPS+Mag
  • 4k image sensor, stereo sensors, tracking sensor that are installed, vibration dampened, mounted, calibrated and tested

Not Included

Additional Accessories

User's Guides

User's Guide

    Walk-through Video

    m500 Models

    SKU Description
    VOXL m500 with USB Add-on and Spektrum SPM9X45 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-D2-T3-K0 VOXL m500 with USB Add-on and FrSky R-XSR Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-D2-T4-K0 VOXL m500 with USB Add-on and Graupner GR-16 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M3-T1-K0 VOXL m500 with Microhard Carrier (No Modem) and Spektrum SPM9X45 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M3-T3-K0 VOXL m500 with Microhard Carrier (No Modem) and FrSky R-XSR Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M3-T4-K0 VOXL m500 with Microhard Carrier (No Modem) and Graupner GR-16 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-3-V1-B4-C3-M4-T1-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (North American Carriers) and Spektrum SPM9X45 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M4-T3-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (North American Carriers) and FrSky R-XSR Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M4-T4-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (North American Carriers) and Graupner GR-16 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M12-T1-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (EMEA Carriers) and Spektrum SPM9X45 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M12-T3-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (EMEA Carriers) and FrSky R-XSR Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-M12-T4-K0 VOXL m500 with LTE Modem (EMEA Carriers) and Graupner GR-16 Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-T1-K0 VOXL m500 (No Add On) with Spektrum SPM9X45 Receiver 
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-T3-K0 VOXL m500 (No Add On) with FrSky R-XSR Receiver
    MRB-D0001-2-V1-B4-C3-T4-K0 VOXL m500 (No Add On) with Graupner GR-16 Receiver

    Additional Components

    Required components sold separately:


    Export Compliance

    Item Value
    Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code 8802.11.00.14
    Country of Origin USA
    Radio Frequencies Used

    WiFi: Datasheet 2.4GHz, 5GHz

    R/C: Configuration dependent