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Be the First to Get your Hands on ModalAI® Flight Core®!

Be the First to Get your Hands on ModalAI® Flight Core®!

Sound the gong, blast the confetti, Flight Core®, our PX4 flight controller, is now available for pre-order! The demand for a US-made flight controller is growing, so we’ve been hustling (and drinking lots of coffee) to bring ours to market as quickly as possible. Bench testing ✔ Flight testing ✔ Datasheet

Flight Core pairs with the VOXL navigation and companion computer for GPS-denied navigation and obstacle avoidance. VOXL dev kits are available in our online store.

We’ve been ramping up new features to the VOXL platform like it’s a Tesla Model 3. Our goal is to create the #1 most accessible autonomous computing and communications platform for drones and robots. Check out the list of new features below.

Our VOXL-Flight development efforts are on the move. Look for it to be the industry’s first fully-integrated obstacle avoidance companion computer and flight controller on a single PCB (Say that 3 times fast). The mission of the VOXL-Flight is to support a fully redundant electronics stack, while minimizing connections, for the market’s most capable certifiable flight controller. We expect it to be available early 2020. Can’t wait for the VOXL-Flight to launch? You can begin your development now by purchasing the components separately. Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with the news.

New Features

Here is a list of some of the new features that have been added recently.

Documentation: How to run Docker containers on VOXL

Documentation: How to connect VOXL to Pixhawk Telemetry to send commands or QGroundControl data over WiFi or LTE 

Code: Deep learning with Alexnet using ARM Compute Library with GPU acceleration

Code: An example OpenCL hello world program running on VOXL for GPU acceleration

Please post any suggestions or feature requests at support.modalai.com and we will do our best to incorporate.

We have the following resources available and encourage you to visit: