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What's New With ModalAI - October

VOXL Modem

Our latest voxl-modem (0.10.0) along with our LTE (v1/v2) and Microhard modems make it quicker and easier for you to connect your VOXL companion computer to an LTE or Microhard network. voxl-modem can get your VOXL talking to the network of your choice in minutes.
Learn more about voxl-modem here:

VOXL Support for 100+ Cameras

Our VOXL computing platform is compatible with a diverse set of interfaces (MIPI-CSI2, USB/UVC, and now HDMI) which let us to support many camera payloads including electro-optical (EO) and infrared electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensors. Read about the different cameras we support here.


Vast Camera Options for VOXL
ModalAI 2.5.2 Out Now Check out new software updates: Cameras, inputs, installer
ModalAI Forum
Our new support forum is live. Need help with your project? We are here to help. Ask us questions about our products, developing software, system integration and more. Sign up and enable notifications here.

Activate Autonomy Blog Series

Are you ready to activate autonomy and build your own drone? The drone enthusiasts at ModalAI are here to help. Be on the lookout for our three-part blog series outlining how to assemble, calibrate, and fly your autonomous drone.
Read the first installment here.
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Travis from ModalAI outlines everything you need to know about activating autonomy in your robot.