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Need range? Microhard™ pDDL Communications for VOXL

Need range? Microhard™ pDDL Communications for VOXL

Need range? We have two new products we are excited to share built around Microhard™’s pDDL point to point, long range communications modules. Customers are achieving 2-5km of line of sight range using Microhard™’s pDDL, so this is a great addition to VOXL’s capabilities.

The first product is an add-on to our autonomous navigation and computing platform, VOXL. When connected to VOXL, the add-on enables compact point to point connectivity with another Microhard™ pDDL module.

The second product is a stand-alone USB dongle for Microhard™ pDDL. This device exposes an IP endpoint via USB. It is the first broadly available Microhard™ pDDL carrier that does not require Ethernet! You connect the dongle to any computing platform (tablet, phone or computer) that can receive IP over USB, and you are now connected wirelessly to your drone.

We have posted configuration scripts here to make your life easier by automatically pairing the add-on and standalone modules.

VOXL now supports a broad array of communications: WiFi on board, Microhard pDDL and 4G/LTE through add-ons. VOXL is the most comprehensive sUAS computing platform around and we are happy to consider any new feature requests you might have!

Both products are carriers for Microhard™ modules, and do not include the pDDL module. If you need help obtaining the modules, please reach out to contact@modalai.com

Please stay safe and well wherever you are!

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