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ModalAI is Accelerating the Path to Autonomy

ModalAI is Accelerating the Path to Autonomy

At ModalAI, we are making our VOXL navigation computer easier than ever to use. Big news: Flight Deck is now available in our store! Flight deck is everything you need to get going on your own drone frame; it includes VOXL, Flight Core, and calibrated computer vision sensors ready to mount on your drone for visual inertial odometry and obstacle avoidance. All of our flight control hardware is made in the USA.


To help make the transition to our platform even easier, we have a complete reference drone for folks looking for a development platform to work out of the box. Check out our VOXL m500 here.


VOXL-Flight, our upcoming platform that combines a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC on the same PCB as an STM32F7 fight controller, is back from our Southern California manufacturer. Check out our first flight here! VOXL-Flight combines VOXL and Flight Core to reduce cabling, size and cost. Long term, VOXL-Flight will enable advanced redundancy with multiple flight controllers running in parallel. 

Please post any suggestions or feature requests at support.modalai.com and we will do our best to incorporate in future releases.

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