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VOXL 2 USB3.0 / UART Expansion Adapter

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Selected sku: MDK-M0151-1-00

USB3.0 / UART Expansion Adapter - Connect USB3.0 devices and an external flight controller via UART

Our USB3.0 / UART Expansion Adapter installs directly onto a VOXL 2 via the legacy board to board connector (J3). Use this board to integrate USB 3 peripheral devices as well as an additional UART for communicating with an external flight controller. This product cannot be used in combination with other daughter boards or modems which are installed onto the legacy or high speed board to board connectors.

Ready to Use Development Tools 

Product Specifications

  • (1) USB3.0 connector
  • (1) UART connector
  • Micro form factor

Software Specifications

Technical Details


What's Included

Board Only

  • (1) MCCA-M0151-1: USB 3 / UART Expansion Adapter

Dev Kit

  • (1) MCCA-M0151-1: USB 3 / UART Expansion Adapter
  • (1) MCBL-00011-1:  VOXL Power Module Y Cable for Flight Controller / VOXL or VOXL 2
  • (1) MCBL-00022-1:  Type A USB 3, Female to 10 pos. JST GH male cable
  • (1) MCBL-00059-1: UART Cable, Male 4 pos. JST GH to 4 pos. JST GH

Part Numbers

 MPN Description
MDK-M00151-1-00 USB 3 / UART Expansion Adapter Board Only
MDK-M00151-1-01 USB 3 / UART Expansion Adapter Board plus Cables

Compatible Products

Product Compatible?
VOXL Flight
Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G


Requirements to Get Started

  • Intended for developers and technical users, please take caution and read thoroughly before purchasing
  • Linux OS (Limited support for Windows and other OS)
  • ADB must be installed on host computer for interaction with device. See here for further information
  • Users should be familiar with embedded development and Ubuntu to be comfortable on this platform