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VOXL® 2 Flight Deck

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Selected sku: MDK-F0006-2-03
Expected to ship within 15 business days from San Diego, CA
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↪ VOXL SDK 0.7 and Greater (Release Notes)

VOXL® 2 Flight Deck with VOXL 2 Next Generation Blue UAS 2.0 Autonomous AI Autopilot

Build your own drone with this pre-built and calibrated Flight Deck! VOXL 2 Flight Deck is our most advanced flight deck to date featuring VOXL 2. VOXL 2 is the next generation Blue UAS Framework autopilot. At only 16g, VOXL 2 is the smallest single-board autopilot to date with premium tier processing from the Qualcomm® QRB5165, a PX4 flight controller, advanced onboard AI and 5G connectivity. 

Ready to Use Drone Development Tools

Powered by VOXL 2

  • 16 grams, 70x36mm SWAP-optimized autopilot
  • Powered by Qualcomm QRB5165: 8 cores up to 3.091 GHz, 8GB LPDDR5
  • 15 TOPS AI embedded Neural Processing Unit (NPU)
  • Integrated flight controller on DSP with TDK ICM-42688 IMU and ICP-10111 Barometer
  • 5G, WiFi, Microhard add-on connectivity options

Other Hardware

  • Custom Flight Deck with pre-calibrated cameras
  • Vibration dampeners that have been flight tested to maximize VIO performance
  • Mounting feet with integrated dampeners for securing the flight deck to your own airframe

Wireless Options

  • 5G LTE Modem with USB Hub
  • 2.4/5ghz WiFi Modem
  • Microhard Carrier Board with USB Hub (Options for 1.8/2.3 or 2.4ghz)

Software Features

  • PX4, ROS 1 / 2, Debian Linux 9 (buster), OpenCV, MAVROS, MAVSDK
  • Open Source Linux kernel 4.19, cross-compilers
  • Docker build environment for CPU, GPU (OpenCL) and DSP (Hexagon SDK) heterogeneous computer vision and deep learning processing

VOXL 2 Flight Deck Kit Details

What is Included in all MDK-F0006-1 models: 

Quantity SKU Description
1 MCCA-M0054-1 VOXL2
1 MDK-M0041-1-B-01 VOXL Power Module v3 RevB Kit
1 MCCA-M0076-1  VOXL2 1.2V DF40C to VOXL AXT, No Regs
1 MSU-M0014-1-01 Tracking Image Sensor Kit (7251-A36) (M0014)
1 MSU-M0015-1-01 Stereo Image Sensor Pair and Flex Cable Kit (7251-A50)
1 MSU-M0109-1-01 Stereo Image Sensor Pair and J Flex Cable Kit (7251-A50)
1 MSU-M0025-2-01 Hires Sensor, IMX214, 6-10M focal length, 85 degree FOV, Tested and Focused
2 OEM-M0074-1-01 60MM Image Sensor Extension Flex Cable
1 OEM-M0084-1 Dual Image Sensor Adapter Flex Cable

 In addition, below is included in the MDK-F0006-1-01 Microhard model: 

Quantity SKU Description
1 MCCA-M0048-1 VOXL Microhard v2 Add-On
1 MCBL-00009-1 JST to USB Type A
2 MRF-M0019-1 2.4/5ghz Wifi Antennas

 In addition, below is included in the MDK-F0006-1-02 5G LTE model: 

Quantity SKU Description
1 MCCA-M0090-3-01 VOXL2 5G Modem, Add On, Quectel
1 M10000078 Quectel Modem MODEL RM502Q-AE
1 M10000105 Thermal Pad
4 MRF-M0067-1 Sanav 5G Antennas
1 MCBL-00009-1 USB Type A cable (60mm)

 In addition, below is included in the MDK-F0006-2-03 WiFi model: 

Quantity SKU Description
1 MCCA-M0141-1 VOXL 2 USB USB-A Breakout Board + UART/I2C/SPI Add-On
1 M10000570 Alfa Network AWUS036EACS 802.11ac AC600 Wi-Fi Wireless Network Adapter


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Flight Deck Development kit, uses the VOXL 2 board Active

HS Code: 8542.31.3000